Learning How to Play Craps – Tips to Bear in Mind

Be smart, play smart, and learn how to play craps the right way!

If the casino has gotten in the habit of charging you a premium for your winnings (premium increases are profit margins), you might want to consider switching. This won’t make you rich, but it will help you keep your losses to a minimum and walk out of the casino a winner rather than a loser. You can, if you wish, take this approach all the time. Many people are so enamored of the game that they will never consider betting against their favorite team or event, choosing instead to bet for their favorite team or against the opposing team. If you are betting for your favorite team, you have the advantage, but if you are betting against your favorite team, you are putting your money in jeopardy. Naturally, you want to bet on the team that you think will win. With premium hands, you can win more than you can lose.

Let’s say that you bet $39.90 (the 12th bet) on the red team to win. If your team wins, you win $39.90. If your team loses, you lose $40.00. And if the game ends in a tie, you keep the 3rd bet, also known as the come-out bet. The next day, the red team will probably lose the game, but you will have $40.00 to brag to your friends about. Try increasing your bets during the offseason, when you know their starting rotation is weaker, and you have the edge.

If you are going to bet the over, the fastest and easiest way to make money is use the parlay system. Since you are betting across multiple games, you can write down the results of each game you bet, proving to yourself that if you bet on every one of the games you won, you can make money. You won’t make a ton, since you have to guarantee your winnings against losses, but you will profit enough to make a profit-and keep your bankroll healthy.

If you write down the results of the games you bet, it keeps you from getting emotional and placing stupid bets, Such as betting on a 10 or 12 against the spread. Keep your bets logical and profitable, and you will win money playing craps.

This is going to be the section where you make the most noise and lose the most money. If you want to overinflate your bankroll, lose the majority of your bets and end up wishing you could go back and just play the same games all over again, betting the over solely with the hope of “freerolling” the season. Don’t do it.

Stay away from the proposition bets. Place only true bets, such as the pass or don’t pass on the come-out roll. True bets are easy to avoid by simply betting the point or coming bets. These bets won’t pay off for nothing, but if you win they can easily pay off for a huge payoff. Every table you sit at will be dealing with at least 5-10 bets of the proposition type. Stick with the pass or don’t pass bets. The two bets are the safest bets in the house, especially over time.

The goal of any craps strategy, if thought about carefully, is not to take too much of the bets out of play. You want to leave the house with some money in your pocket, so if you can win some money back for your efforts, that’s all the better.

This is perhaps the most common mistake in craps, and the easiest to correct. Don’t spend money buying into craps based purely on the bets, or you are likely to break the bank.

In reality, there is no way to predict ahead of time exactly what the dice will do, or where theolls will stop.You are more likely to break the dice on the come out roll than you are to make money from the place bets. Watch the dice roll the come out roll and the place bets carefully. See, the changing numbers on the dice are meaningful only in relation to the upcoming roll. The place bets, as they relate to the upcoming roll, are best made after the coming out roll has already been made.

When thinking about your Remipoker strategy, avoid thinking to much about what you want to achieve. Instead, think to yourself what you are going to do, not what the dice are going to do. Anything else you allow your mind to think about is sure to bring your game Results together faster than they should be.

In order to make serious money out of playing craps, instead of breaking the bank by thinking too much about what you are going to do, focus on playing high numbers.