What Are the Odds of Winning the Pick 6 Lottery?

Do you ever dream of becoming a millionaire by winning the lottery? Of course you do, as do most people. The thing with the lottery though is that it is not really about money, it’s about luck and I’m willing to bet you’ve felt the pressure of playing the lottery and wondering if you’re the next winner. Do you ever feel like you are just giving your money away by playing lotto games? If you are anything like me, you love free money and the idea of doubling my odds playing the lotto is just too good to pass up.

Let me tell you that the odds of winning the lotto triple digit millions to as high as eleven million to one. Those are some serious odds and I’m sure you can relate to that. However, there is this system that you can use to help you increase your odds of winning the lotto. It is called the box number bet. This article explains box bets and how they work. Take the following example; lets say your favorite lottery number is 66. You want to pick three numbers with that number. You could have up to ten numbers with that six number total. Or, you could just get the total of your favorite number and put them in a box bet, and make ten bets with that total.

In a box bet, you bet that any two numbers in the box that come up will win. If any number comes up that you predicted, you win. Those numbers you picked will still be there in the third draw, and you will win no matter what. That’s great when your numbers hit, but bad if you didn’t pick them in the correct order. Wouldn’t it be great to pick in the first place?

When you use the box number bet, you are making a strategic choice. You are playing the lotto in the dark. So, you are leaving your chances of winning the lotto in Data Pengeluaran SGP. That’s not a very good move to make, and fans of the lotto are very aware of what I’m talking about.

What’s the real effect of using the box number bet other than just increasing your odds of winning?

The best place to get your money is at the wagering window in the lottery store. Then, you can make your reservations online. At least, you can bet on the correct number before you make your initial investment. I know what you’re thinking; online what good will it do if you can’t pick the numbers in the correct order?

As I kept reading about the different guarantees offered forPick 6, I became the skeptic. Why would anyone go to the trouble of listing the odds on a bet and then back it up with money? A friend of mine kept going on about the ’65 ball’ game. This was the balls in the middle of the set of numbers in the 649 lotto. He was sure that the ’65 balls’ would win. He had made the same guarantee to me before.

So, I tasted the forbidden fruit and put as much money as I could on the table. I duly entered my $1,000,000.00 investment into the lottery. One lottery ticket later, I was staring at a $10,000,000.00 prize. I stilled considered myself lucky.

An hour later, the money was in my bank account. I personally picked up the news that the world’s most famous gambling event had finally provided me with my investment. I had not one, not two, but three different tickets that guaranteed me to pick the winning combination.

My friend was right. The lotto was different. Overall, it just didn’t seem like luck was going to play a part in winning the lotto. I mean, aren’t you a little bit frustrated that you invested in the lotto, but didn’t win?